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Promotions Management Re-Designed in 2011R1

For many of you, the letters CPNPMO, when put in that order, conjure up thoughts of vast amounts of detailed information about promotions, views full of item information and pricing, and perhaps some questions about how it all is organized.  Well, I have some good news ? these issues have been addressed in a re-design of the campaign and promotion setup workspace.  In fact, the re-design is so intuitive, we barely need these words to describe it!

For starters, the data has been grouped more clearly by type of promotion, so that all costs for e-promotions are near one another, for example.  Also, the workspace uses script technology, where you can customize the way the workspace appears for users establishing different kinds of promotions and campaigns.  Why force a user to wade through information that may not apply to their situation?  Your marketers will LOVE it! 

Since responses to e-promotions are measured in ways unlike other promotions (such as by e-clicks, opens, impressions, etc.) we have grouped these related fields clearly for the user.  What's more, we have added more ways of measuring promotion success ? continually enhancing the intelligence the system can provide to the innovative marketer.  All these new measures are immediately available for analysis.

Now, for those of you who do the set-up of promotions and campaigns, you can customize a workspace to have all the views you want in one place.  Do you use lots of offers?  Add that view.  Do you want to see item details when choosing the items for your promotion?  Add that view as well.  The ability to put all the information into one workspace will increase your efficiency and turn great ideas into successful promotions in a fraction of the time it took before!

In 2011r2, you will see a re-design of the inquiry views (the old CPNINQ).  Details will be forthcoming.  Enjoy the re-designs and please let us know what you think.

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