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Restoring Premium on Reinstate

In Advantage, a non-pay cancel transaction causes the customer to lose any premium set they would have received on a paid order.  As of 2009R1, however, there is an option to restore a premium set if the customer later reinstates.

If the subscription is later reinstated, you have the option of allowing the customer to receive the premium set--you simply set the CIR option PRMSTREI ("Restore Premium Set on REI?") to Y to enable this handling; the default setting is N.

When the option is set to Y, and a subscription with a pending premium set is non-pay cancelled, MST391 places the premium set into a special status ("H" ? Held).  These sets are retained in the MSTPRM-M table, in case the non-pay cancelled sub is later reinstated.

If you have set the PRMSTREI option to Y, and the sub is reinstated, Advantage will remove the hold on the premium set and process it normally through the system (this occurs automatically and silently---there is no message at the time of the REI).  From a premium set point of view, it is as if the subscription had never been cancelled.

Please note these points about the feature:

  • If the composition of the premium set has been changed between the time of cancellation and the time of reinstatement---for example, if items were added to or deleted from a sequence, or if whole sequences were added or deleted---the restored set does not reflect these changes.  The customer receives the same premium items as he/she would have had the sub not been cancelled.
  • Use of this feature could inflate the number of records in your MSTPRM-M table.  You can use the MST840 process to selectively purge these records.

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