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Rrrring! Rrrring! Advantage Teleservices Module Calling

The whole purpose of the Teleservices module (TEL) is to help you sell your company's products and services over the phone, and it does that in many different ways. Teleservices is a client-directed, workflow-oriented module, and works with outbound calls (where you are calling customers) and inbound calls (where they are calling you).

TEL is a fully integrated with Advantage. Orders from successful calls are entered within the TEL module but recorded in the applicable fulfillment module. TEL supports orders for CIR, PRO, AMB, CEM, or MBR - any product that can be part of a combined order.

Of course TEL supports your sales efforts during the phone conversation, but it does much more. Prior to any calls, TEL provides various ways to select names and assign them to call lists. Calls can easily be reassigned when a rep calls in sick, or is not working calls as quickly as you expected. And TEL allows you to track and report on results, answering questions such as: How are reps performing? What percentage of the calls results in sales? Why are customers saying "no"? What specific sales are being generated?

The Teleservices module offers great flexibility in creating call lists, each with its unique set of "components" (for example, customer subscriptions, customer A/R, orders), and also in performing many functions within each of these components, or stages, of the call.

For example, you might create one list that centers on customer information, with such objectives as updating customer street and e-mail addresses, or login authentication information, etc. You might create a second list aimed at renewals, which displays current subscription information, coupled with the ability to enter the renewal orders. The Teleservices setup tables allow you to create a list-specific sequence of views and dialogs, so that the rep sees only those views/dialogs that pertain to the purpose of the list.

The components for any call list are presented in an easy-to-use, scrollable dialog. These are the identical views and dialogs that are used elsewhere in the system. The Subscriptions component, for example, presents the information in the same multi-tabbed view that appears at SVCDAT/CIR. In addition, reps are provided the flexibility of customizing the presentation; they can reorder the components, or quickly minimize/maximize a component if need be.

TEL is tailored to provide maximum customer support during the call. You can place orders for the customer, but in addition you can perform a variety of other tasks, such as adding an invoice payment from the A/R component, or performing subscription modifications from the Subscriptions component.
Whatever your Advantage telemarketing needs, the TEL module provides a feature-rich, fully integrated tool for phone interaction with your customer base.

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