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Saga joins the Advantage Roster

ACS is pleased to welcome Saga Publishing Ltd to the Advantage community. Saga is the fourth UK client to be live on Advantage, commencing live operations in the 4th quarter of 2007. Saga publishes Saga Magazine, the UK's largest subscription title, which has over 650,000 paying subscribers.

Saga Magazine provides high quality journalism to the over 50s. Content includes leading celebrity interviews, in-depth features on current affairs, history and world events, plus useful articles on health, money, food, gardening, travel, and more.

Saga began to source a new fulfillment system in 2006 to replace their aging in-house system and went through a thorough evaluation process, including an RFP, software presentations, a visit to ACS offices, and site visits. Their objectives included the ability to obtain timely marketing information and analysis, improved flexibility for renewal efforts, improved customer service detail and the ability to interface successfully with other Saga systems. Advantage was the system chosen to best satisfy all of these needs.

"Advantage gives me the marketing tools I need to achieve my marketing objectives," says Craig Lowe, Head of subscription marketing at Saga. "And the ACS team are all fantastic to work with."

Craig also served as the Saga in-house project manager during the last few months of the implementation.

The ACS team on the project included Tim Zapawa as project director, Bill Pinard as project manager, Mike Hasey and Karl Davis as lead engineers. Tim Martin was also involved in helping define modification specifications, including a drag/drop interface between Saga's Agent Front End (AFE) system and Advantage.

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