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Salesforce Integration Update

Have you heard about AdvantageCS’s R&D project to revamp our integration with Salesforce?

Started in January of this year, this project has made a lot of progress, and it’s about more than just Salesforce. Publishers, content providers and membership organizations commonly use Salesforce for prospect relationship management, where sales teams are involved. These companies are selling into businesses, educational institutions, governmental entities, etc.---essentially business-to-business sales efforts. The Salesforce Integration project includes several features that further strengthen Advantage’s B2B functionality.  And you don’t have to be using Salesforce to take “advantage” of these expanded B2B features.

New Views in Advantage

First, let’s talk about Salesforce.  With the June 2017 release of Advantage, integration is available to keep Accounts and Contacts in sync between the two systems and push opportunities that are sold in Salesforce into Advantage orders.  All of that operates in real-time using APEX Salesforce programming technology, the Advantage REST API and some new Advantage workflow events.  To reduce the need to load data into Salesforce, several views into Advantage are available to let your reps see live data (have they paid yet?). This is accomplished through custom views (written in Visualforce) that you can add to your own Salesforce screens.

In Advantage itself, you can now work with customers in an Accounts and Contacts mode, which parallels how Salesforce structures customers.  You can move your customer maintenance view into this mode, search for Account customers and then see the contacts at an Account in a lower pane.  Within the overview on a contact customer, you can easily move to the Account customer and get a consolidated overview that shows activity for all the customers at the Account.  A parent hierarchy display allows you to see all the related Accounts.  Additional credit management features support Account-level monitoring.

Coming Up Next

Next up for this project is providing the ability to update Salesforce with changes that take place in Advantage.  When an invoice gets paid, a customer cancels a service, a new product gets added, etc., you will be able to update custom and standard Salesforce objects through a workflow event action that allows you to map data elements.  Boom!  Your reps will always know if orders are paid or not---automatically in real-time.

Hey, don’t you think you should implement this integration?  Please contact us to explore how that can happen.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

And that’s not all. We also have an integration with Dynamics CRM. Read about it here.

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