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Scott Ghormley Appointed AdvantageCS Support Center Manager

Scott Ghormley will take over as manager of the support center on May 1st, replacing Evelyn Acton, who is retiring.  Scott’s personality, knowledge of Advantage, and diverse history with ACS and many of our clients make him uniquely qualified to manage the Advantage Support Center team.  

Scott’s ACS career began before ACS even existed.  As a sophomore in high school, he worked at Infomatics, one of the precursors to T & B Computing, later re-named AdvantageCS.  He was an intern at T & B during college and joined full-time upon graduation from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Operations Research and Information Systems.  Although he left for almost ten years, working at Domino’s Pizza and other firms, he returned to ACS in 1997.

If Scott doesn’t hold the record for the most different jobs at ACS, he certainly comes close.  He has worked as a project engineer, a sales engineer, a project manager, a systems analyst, and for the past seven years, has served as the account manager for Agora, Crain Communications and Ogden Publishing.

His supervisor, Greg Stout, describes Scott’s current responsibilities:  “Scott is the team leader and account manager for Agora’s Publishing Services division, providing outstanding service for this very active Advantage user.  In this capacity, he oversees the work of several ACS analysts and engineers.” 

Greg goes on:  “Scott is also the account manager and main contact for Crain and Ogden, roles he has filled reliably for several years.  His extensive product knowledge, publishing business expertise, and interpersonal skills have enabled him to be successful in all of his various roles at ACS.  One of Scott’s most admirable qualities is that he takes full ownership and responsibility for everything that comes his way.  For example, although he has tried for the better part of ten years to pass the mantle, Scott is still the in-house engineering expert on the complex alternate delivery and distribution feature of Advantage.”

A resident of Ann Arbor for most of his life, Scott and his wife of 26 years, Tammy, have four children ranging in age from 10 to 23.  All of them share Scott’s passion for sports, with oldest son Mike having played college football, daughter Elena currently a member of the diving team at the University of Michigan, son Peter playing lacrosse and youngest son Derek aspiring to be a Michigan basketball player.  When he isn’t working, Scott is most likely involved with a sports activity with one or more of his kids, whether as coach or spectator. 

Congratulations, Scott, on your new role!

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