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Sean Leslie: Welcome to ACS

We are pleased to welcome Sean Leslie, who joins ACS as a programmer in the Product Development group led by Howie Brooks.  Sean is a recent graduate of Florida International University in Miami, Florida, and earned a degree in computer science there.  Sean has always been interested in computers, although his early interest was focused on playing games on them (something he still likes to do).

Sean grew up in Miami, but with both parents employed by major airlines, the family did a lot of traveling including many trips up and down the east coast, and treks to Vancouver, Seattle, Mt. St. Helens and the Gulf Coast.

After graduating from college, Sean looked for a job in the computer game development field, but did not find that to his liking.  He came to Michigan when his girlfriend got a job here and joined ACS a few months after that.  Sean is proud that he survived his first Michigan winter, and he is confident that he can weather more.

Sean lives in Ann Arbor and is getting to know the area.  When he isn't working, Sean enjoys movies—especially documentaries, and hopes to return to a previous pastime, fine-scale models.  As a software engineer, it's an unwritten law that he is hooked on computer games—and he is—but another of Sean's hobbies is a little more unusual.  He enjoys cross-stitching, especially as a way to pass the time on long road trips.

We welcome Sean, with all his varied talents, to the ACS family.

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