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Second European Client Meeting Held

On May 18, ACS hosted a meeting of the Advantage clients in the European region in London.  The purpose of the meeting was to update the EU-region clients on ACS activities and strategy, future software direction, new features in our latest release of the software, and to provide an opportunity for networking with other ACS clients.  18 attendees representing 10 clients were present. 

Dan Heffernan hosted the meeting and gave a presentation on news, strategy and software futures.  This was followed by a presentation on direct debit progress by Chris Elson (Saga) and Bob Thornton (ACS).  Philippe Van Mastrigt presented and discussed new features in the 2010r1 release of Advantage, with an eye to those features which are of unique interest to Advantage users in the EU region. 

A networking lunch provided ample opportunity for visiting, exchanging ideas and making new contacts with the many new clients represented at the meeting this year. 

Attendees at the Advantage European User Meeting.  Front row, from left:  Catherine Barker (Traplet Publications), Penny Evans (Wolters Kluwer Health), Ben Cartwright and Chris Elson (Saga), Megan Ruddock, Graham Ryder, Mark Smith and Anurag Jalota (Oxford University Press).

Back row, from left:  Tara Rebak (Agora), Iain Cunningham (MoneyWeek), Denise Feeley & Sunil Chawla (Maney Publications).

Chris Elson from Saga presents to the group.

Not previously idenitifed: Ivan Kure from Egmont, Andy Wright from Oxford University Press. 

Bob Thornton addresses the user group meeting.

Philippe van Mastrigt presents to the user group.

Not previously identified: Nicolas Martelliere from Vidal, Sebastien Fournier from Agora France and Anthony Marsden from Saga.

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