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Spotlight on Support

It has been three months since our last spotlight on support and we are thrilled to share all we've been working on with you. While continuing to providing all our production clients round-the-clock support, this quarter has been very exciting. The Advantage Support Center has welcomed several new clients including Bayard Presse, in Paris, France. And many existing clients have either been ramping up for their upgrade to the next release; or they have completed their upgrades and are transitioning back into the support center, itching to utilize all of the new features the software has to offer.

We also want to announce that the Webinar schedule is back from summer hiatus. The first Webinar of the fall season, "Handling Back Orders in Advantage," was presented recently by Support Center Analyst Molly Mathe and had 29 attendees (the average Webinar attendance is 14). If you've somehow missed the buzz on Webinars, click here to learn more.

Did you know that support center analysts routinely go on-site to deliver customized training and consulting? This quarter, we have had analysts training clients on the new CDSREQ - report request screen, data entry including scripting, inventory and product order.

The support team provides regular assistance during the three QA releases each year, including assistance for software modifications. We love it because it gives us a chance to roll up our sleeves and dive into the software! We think you'll be pretty excited when you see what's all packed into your next release.

Here we are in the last quarter of the year, which means as a member of the Advantage User Group Steering Committee, we've been busy working with the committee to ensure the 2009 AUG Conference is the best ever! ACS will be on hand in Orlando in January providing updates on the software, demonstrating what's new, recapping the forums we've held to gather your valuable input for the software, and sharing our vision of where the industry is headed and what we are doing to help you be ready. If you're new to the user community and want to hear more about the Advantage User Group click here or call the Support Center!

As always, we appreciate your business.

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