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SRDS Live on AMB

Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS) went live recently on a ten-month project to convert a vast majority of their subscription business to Advantage’s Access Management and Billing (AMB) module.   The project also involved hooking their web pages directly into Advantage via the WEB module.  This project was fundamental to SRDS’ plan to grow their business as it transitions from print to digital product offerings. 

SRDS was especially excited about being able to market their digital offerings to all customers within their Advantage database, and in turn to see those marketing efforts convert into customer activity on their websites.  Specifically, they’re excited about allowing their customers to purchase access to the content they publish online, and then controlling and tracking that access within Advantage. 

With AMB and the Web module enabled, they can track and analyze all of their marketing data, manage print AND digital fulfillment, and track sales activity within Advantage. 

Many people at both companies were responsible for making the project happen.  At SRDS, Mike Morrow and Andy Spantiko were the project managers, Peter Loftus was the Advantage system administrator, Amra Sivcevic did the conversion programming, Andie Wright programmed the Crystal forms, Sergio Garcia and Jim Flynn provided IT assistance, Eric Berg programmed the new website and Trish DeLaurier was the executive sponsor.

The ACS team involved in the project included—on the project management side: Daryl Vautour, Eric Burbeck, Phil Montgomery, John Sheehy, Kathie Porter, Doug Moore and Bob Thornton.  Engineers who worked on the project in one form or another were Matt Varblow, Dan Sneed, Rob Elliot, Paul Sauter, Ray Zick, Howard Brooks,  Mark Sauter, Barbara Smith, Martha Krieg, Derek Johnson and Larry Kleber.

Congratulations to SRDS!

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