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Stephanie Widrig: Responsive, Resourceful, and Reliable

Now in her seventh year at AdvantageCS, Stephanie Widrig is a member of the Program Services team. She began her AdvantageCS career in the implementations group and had a brief stint in support before joining Program Services over 4 years ago. Everyone who works with Stephanie comments on how speedily she responds, how well she communicates, and how she always knows the right answer or else finds it. These qualities make her a sought-after manager of upgrade---and other---projects.

“I enjoyed working with Stephanie on our latest upgrade,” says Christy Westcott of Unity World Headquarters. “She was consistently prompt in replying to any of our needs during the process. Her communication is always clear and concise. I look forward to working with her again.”

Although upgrades and continuous updates occupy the bulk of her time, Stephanie also gets involved with such things as QA and training. Being a people-person as well as a techie, she prefers client-facing tasks. She enjoys traveling to client sites, which she does 3 or 4 times a year.

Her supervisor, Doug Moore, Director of Program Services, has this to say about her: “Stephanie is a fantastic member of the Program Services team. She is willing to take on any challenge, is quick to deliver a solution when needed, and eager to improve upon any process. Clients are literally begging to have Stephanie lead their projects. Now if we could just come up with that clone machine!”

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Stephanie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering. Her studies included courses on optimization and lean manufacturing, which are applicable to many areas of business. She also took courses in psychology and wanted to work at a company where she could combine working with people and technology. She has found just that at AdvantageCS.

“Steph is one of my favorite people to work with at ACS,” says Ashley Stevens of Pub Services. “When we heard Card Vault was coming, we knew we wanted Steph running it from the ACS side. She’s easy to work with and makes us feel confident in all her efforts. Steph has always been quick to respond to my many inquiries and I know I can always count on her answers to be correct. If she doesn’t have the answer, she finds it. She’s always on top of her game and I look forward to working with her every time!”

Stephanie’s ideal day is one with few, if any, meetings, where she can work on a variety of issues and get into solving problems. She relishes the occasional opportunity to work with data in SQL. Stephanie also enjoys helping new people and, at some point, would like to be a team leader.

Stephanie was born in Farmington Hills, Michigan and also lived in Saginaw and Cadillac, where her parents still reside. She is currently living in a condo in Ann Arbor with her cat, Ruby. When she isn’t working, Stephanie enjoys the outdoors—especially the water. In the summer, she can be found water-skiing and boating, often at her family’s cottage on Mullet Lake in northern Michigan. She enjoys skiing in the winter as well. Stephanie also likes to try new restaurants and the many brew pubs to be found in the Ann Arbor area.

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