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Subscription Management Software on Steroids

 Although the calendar says it's spring, I am looking at snow falling outside my window. Tens of millions of people in the U.S. could probably have written that first sentence, so I apologize for being so obvious. But weather always reminds me of travel (probably because it affects it so much), and travel is something we do more of now than our predecessors did. And travel is a big part of my life.

   Usually, I am travelling to visit a prospective client to show them how many business problems our software can solve for them. It is impossible to go through a thorough demonstration of our software in a day, because there are so many business problems that it addresses. It's a bit like exploring a mansion. Just when you thought you'd reached the end of the house, you open a door to another whole set of rooms. You can look quickly at each, but to really inspect them takes time. A prospective client recently asked how many features we have in Advantage. An impossible question. That's like asking how many features a car has. Are hubcaps features? Are power windows features?

In Advantage, some features make for a more comfortable ride, such as our well-designed user interface. Other features help the car go fast, such as multi-queuing. To say that Advantage is subscription management software on steroids is an understatement. Advantage has tens of thousands of features which have helped our clients run more efficiently, more profitably, and more successfully than they had pre-Advantage. The list of features not only goes on and on, but continues to grow every day. 60,000 hours per year of development effort means that hundreds of new features are added to Advantage every year.

If you have a business problem managing your subscriptions, or renewals, or digital entitlements, or continuity, or bundles, or promotions, or products, or premiums, or, or, or ... then we have a solution for you. After all, we've been building up our library of features for years, and we've been helping publishers manage subscriptions since the beginning. We've also been helping them sell ebooks, books, products, conference registrations, access to content, book clubs, consortia deals, royalty agreements, and, and, and ... and providing the business intelligence needed to analyze and arrive at profitable business actions.

The pace of development is increasing here at AdvantageCS. We are testing out new development methods and automating more of our quality assurance testing. We are going to be deploying the software more frequently later this year. We are hiring more engineers and analysts to keep up with demand. We are being relied on by more of our customers who want to outsource their hosting and running of the system.

We can help you manage your subscriptions in whatever form that takes for you: digital editions, entitlements, access to content, downloads, pay-per-view, time-based or issue-based, bundled or standalone, as part of a license agreement or not, print journals, ebooks, newletters, newspapers ... the list, like all my lists in this post, goes on and on.

And since it's so soon after Tax Day, I might as well mention that we interface with tax software to handle sales and use tax, distance selling, thresholds, and triangulation. When the new tax laws take effect in the EU, our software will handle them.

In short, our software can solve limitless business problems. Have a look for yourself and then let us prove it. We look forward to hearing from you.


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