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Summer Interns Make Their Mark

Finding just the right engineers and analysts is a vital part of growth at AdvantageCS and the intern program has been a great source of excellent employees.  In addition to providing valuable services in their stints as interns, it gives both intern and management staff time to evaluate whether or not the fit is a good one.

While it’s true that their time with us is short, that often works to our benefit because they are not as distracted by interruptions and other assignments as full-time employees frequently are.

This year, we are excited to have seven interns with us for the summer, working on many and varied projects all over the company. Let us introduce them to you.


Nicole Bartecki and Rachel Katz (both entering their junior year in industrial operations engineering at the University of Michigan):

Nicole and Rachel are leading the charge with the internal and client site implementation of SharePoint (SharePoint is a Microsoft web application platform offering a set of tools that can be used to provide intranet portals, document and file management, collaboration, and social networks). SharePoint will help us provide a more universal location for our communication with clients. In addition, Nicole and Rachel are assisting with modification quality assurance and integration with the software.

John Dolsen (entering his sophomore year in computer science at the University of Michigan):
John is enhancing our reporting framework, including adding the ability to produce Advantage reports in Office Open XML format and updating the format of our Excel output.

Avi Mattenson (entering his senior year in computer science at the University of Michigan):
Avi recently implemented a new “auto-complete” feature that works for most table-validated fields.  For users who opt-in, valid values will auto-complete as the user types---coming in 2015.7!  He is also investigating tools with the potential to help automate select set upgrades.

Jon Pugh (entering his junior year in computer science at the University of Michigan):
Jon replaced the code library that Advantage has used for generating various XML outputs with an improved, more standard equivalent.  He is also refactoring parts of our UI framework to improve the maintainability of our UI code.

Elisa Shibley (entering her junior year in computer science at the University of Michigan):
Elisa is implementing improvements to facilitate reconciliation of client customizations and extensions at upgrade time, replacing existing static reports with an interactive view (coming soon!).  She is also developing a new consolidated select set view so that different types of select criteria can be easily maintained in one place.

Ryan Wawrzaszek (pursuing a master’s degree in computer science at the University of Michigan):
Ryan started with Advantage last summer and worked part time throughout the past school year.  He has helped extensively with the Cider eCommerce project and also made improvements to our internal and external websites, especially the Advantage online documentation.
We warmly welcome all these interns and wish them much success in their remaining college days, and their lives beyond. And you just might see some of them back at AdvantageCS in the future.


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