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The Advantage Ribbon Works for You

One of the most significant user-interface enhancements we made in our change to the .NET environment was implementing the Advantage ribbon.

Similar to the ribbon introduced in Microsoft Office 2007, the Advantage ribbon is a user-interface element that allows users to navigate the Advantage application quickly. We’ve adapted Advantage to more closely resemble Microsoft applications, which most end-users are already familiar with. Navigation and functionality in Advantage is now more intuitive, meaning you can spend less time training employees on the software. The Advantage ribbon contains a variety of buttons and search boxes neatly organized for an improved user experience.

Key features of the Advantage Ribbon:

  • You no longer need to remember all the 6-character workspace codes and the 3-character view names they each contain; you can use the Advantage ribbon. Clicking the appropriate ribbon button will open up the view you need. Alternatively, the Open View search box allows you to search all views by name or by their 6-character code.
  • You can open any view in any workspace in just one step rather than routing to a workspace.
  • Ribbon tabs and groups organize buttons and search boxes into meaningful collections.
  • Familiar icons and descriptions add to the intuitiveness and user-friendliness of the ribbon.

Advantage ships with several pre-configured ribbons, as well as the ability to create custom ribbons. You can have ribbons for different functions such as testing, implementation, and set-up. Additionally, you can create ribbons for different types of users, and then set each user’s default ribbon to the appropriate ribbon for their role. For example, data entry users don’t need to see all those customer service buttons so you can make them their own ribbon, with only the elements relevant to their job. Don’t see something you need? Make your own ribbon button, and add an intuitive icon from our extensive icon directory. The Advantage Ribbon allows more user-interface customization and accessibility to our clients than ever before.

For more information about using the Advantage Ribbon, the included ribbons, or creating custom ribbons, talk to your ACS account manager or support staff.

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