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The Advantage Website Interface Module

Are you familiar with the Website Interface module?  Lots of clients are using it, but some aren't!!  How can that be?  For all of us, here is a reminder of what this module can do for your organization.

The WEB module provides an application programming interface (API), allowing access to the Advantage application from your website(s).  Through this API, on-line, real-time interactions can be conducted in a secure manner between your Advantage production system and your website

Its comprehensive features include:

·         Online, real-time entry of orders, and access to subscription, order, and payment data.   Your customers can: view their accounts and order records as of this moment in time; check the status of their product orders; order or renew a subscription; change an address, or enter a payment.

·         Consistent application of policies, since your Web customers' transactions will be governed by the same policies as apply to any other transactions.  Examples include: address hygiene, order totaling, order discounting, tax calculation, upsell offers, premiums and order pricing (which may be driven by a promotion, a quantity discount, contract terms, etc.), returns policies, shipping method calculations, and credit limit checks.

·         A highly flexible user login and identification process, which allows you to specify what identification elements a user needs to supply in order to gain access to the database. This process includes the ability to require passwords, store password hints, and group users.

The API consists of a set of objects that apply the business rules you have set up in Advantage.  These objects -- called "capsules" -- are used in the regular Advantage modules.  These capsules can be invoked remotely via the Advantage Java or .NET API.

One of the major benefits of using the WEB module is the speed of deployment. 

·         Understanding the Database:  Instead of determining the tables to access and the fields within them, all you have to do is understand the API parameters that are passed.  The WEB module handles the rest.

·         Replicating Business Rules:  Instead of writing code to duplicate established policies, you can just call them.

·         Access to Established Updates:  Imagine the database update involved with entering an order that commits inventory.  The WEB module does this for you.  All you need to do is capture the parameters and pass them to the appropriate API.

Doesn't that sound fantastic?  And here is a little secret that you get because you read all the way down to the end of this article.  While the capsules are primarily focused on supporting customer e-care (orders, address changes, payments, notes, etc. at your websites), there are many capsules that have been developed to support integration with other applications – such as a product production system, or campaign management system, or a content delivery system.  Set up a new title in your production system and before you can say The Publisher's Advantage Computing System® it has been added at INVDAT.  Shazam!

Contact your ACS representative about how the Web module can work for you.

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