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The Amazing Advantage Users Group

The Advantage Users Group (AUG) has been an active force for more than 20 years. Currently, the group elects a steering committee with revolving members from different client companies, and there is one standing member from AdvantageCS. The major task of the steering committee is to plan the annual user conference, which is usually in February.

This year, it’s February 1 – 3 in San Antonio, Texas. More than five dozen Advantage users from 21 companies will be there---including 15 people from 4 companies in the UK and Europe. There will be user presentations, a vendor demonstration, roundtable discussions and presentations from various AdvantageCS staff. Plus, group entertainment and ample opportunities to socialize and network.

Being the mind-readers that we are, we know that our clients delight in hearing us talk to them about Advantage and how to best employ it. But as enjoyable as that is, they like even more to talk to other Advantage users at different companies. Nothing tops hearing from someone who uses the same product as you do, but perhaps in ways you haven’t thought of. Networking with other users always ranks at or near the top of the evaluation forms after every conference. And many users are in contact with each other throughout the year, as well.

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