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The Bountiful Benefits of Regular Upgrades

Here are some of the benefits you can experience by upgrading to new releases of Advantage regularly.

Enhanced Efficiency 

Regular upgrades bring new efficiencies to streamline workflow.   

Some recent examples:

·         New UI displays are more intuitive and easier to learn and train on.

·         MSTDAT/FST and INVDAT/FST allow scripting to speed entry of new items and updates to existing items.

·         The single Process Request Display is more intuitive and easier to use, allowing reports, processes, and jobstreams to be scheduled in one place at one time.

Revenue Opportunities Expanded

Regular upgrades provide enhancements to revenue generating modules.

Some recent examples:

·         Enhanced package capabilities allow for components to combine digital, print, 1-off and time-based

·         TEL module rewrite to Tele-Service – more focused call center customer service/ordering.

·         AMB module to set up, maintain, and provide billing capabilities for content access.

Compliance with Industry Standards 

Regular upgrades provide updates based on changes to industry standards. 

Some recent examples:

·         Credit Card compliance – masking and encryption

·         Additional credit card interfaces – Direct Debit, updated payment processors, on-line versus batch mode.

·         Item numbers expanded to 16 characters.

·         Support of ONIX standard.

·         Ringgold Institution ID's.

Integrations of new technologies

Regular upgrades bring integrations of new technologies in the Operating System, Database, and Web areas.  ACS is always testing Advantage on new releases of Databases and Operating Systems.

Greater Options for Security

Regular upgrades bring enhanced user security and controls.

Some recent examples:

·         Improved user and group security options.

·         Optional login days and time by user.

ACS Training Opportunities

Regular upgrades mean end users will be using the revision of the software on which ACS conducts training classes.  This increases the effectiveness of the training provided and allows more training opportunities:  Webinars, User Group Meetings, Training Week, and on-site training.


Regular upgrades allow a publisher to be more agile.  Having the latest revision of the software installed allows all new features to be implemented.  As new opportunities surface, implementation times will be dramatically reduced with necessary feature sets already installed.

Contact your account manager or Paul DesRosiersif you are interested in planning your next upgrade. 

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