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The Economist Intelligence Unit and Bauer Media Now Live on Advantage

Congratulations to CDS Global clients The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and Bauer Media, who both recently completed successful implementations of Advantage.  

The Economist Intelligence Unit is a global leader in country, industry and management analysis, providing trusted business intelligence and advice to over 1.5 million decision-makers from the world’s leading companies, financial institutions, governments and universities. EIU is especially excited about the streamlined renewal processing features in Advantage, and the convenience of meeting their distribution and reporting needs for their 450 publications via jobstreams.   

ACS Project Manager Daryl Vautour wishes to thank the following EIU and CDS employees for their efforts on the project:

·        Hayley Law, CDS Project Manager

·        Helen Tomes, CDS Project Manager

·        Toni Patching, EIU Project Manager

·        Amanda Mullane, EIU Business Analyst

·        Marion Noone, EIU Business Analyst

And on the ACS side,   Daryl thanks the following ACS employees for their implementation work:

·        Tim Zapawa, who managed the project for the first few months, and provided continuous mentoring and coaching throughout the duration

·        Karl Davis, the lead engineer on this project

·        Dave Rees, who assisted Karl

·        Philippe Rowland, who did a week’s worth of training onsite at the EIU in Romford over the 4th of July, and provided back up to Daryl

·        Dan Sneed, who programmed and ran the conversion, and developed a key modification  

·        Linda Lorenz, who assisted in developing a handful of key reports instrumental to EIU business

Bauer Media is the largest client at CDS Global in the UK. Bauer publishes over 50 magazines, many of them household names in the UK, such as Heat magazine, FHM magazine, and Grazia magazine. They also publish some of the top magazines in various areas of special interest. Their go-live was preceded by a two-week lockdown period comprising mostly 24-hour conversion processing.

Project Managers John Sheehy and Bryan Varblow send out their thanks to everyone who helped on the project.

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