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Advantage Marketing Forum Report

There was a decision at the February 2013 user group meeting that we needed input from marketers on how Advantage’s marketing features could be improved to address current and future requirements. The Marketers Voice Program was the result.

Twelve marketers from 8 Advantage clients attended the forum held in Ann Arbor on October 1st and 2nd. (Thank you, MVPs—you guys are the best!)

We had excellent discussions about promotions, social media, customer interests, marketing channels (email in particular) and analysis, led by myself, Dan Heffernan, Mona Hidayet, Corey Mantel and Karl Davis. Several software engineers and business analysts sat in to hear firsthand the challenges a marketer faces in today’s business environment.

The forum began with lunch on Tuesday and ended with lunch the next day. The weather was great, the dinner was fantastic, and no one had any travel problems. In addition to providing direction for the system, people came away with many good ideas and invaluable contacts--something that always seems to happen when the Advantage community gets together.

“Thank you for hosting the marketers' forum. It has shed light on functionality within the software and in other modules that I was previously not aware of,” said Rose Audette, attendee from Our Sunday Visitor.

We are studying the suggestions logged during the forum and will update you on the results at the next user group meeting (New Orleans, February 5-7, 2014).

Below is a picture of Dan Heffernan from the Marketers Voice Program. No, we did not have a roof leak. Dan is explaining the new AdvantageCS logo which was displayed on umbrellas which were given to all the participants. (That’s Sara Larsen from the Taunton Press in the background.)

Again, thanks to all who participated and please send me any additional thoughts you may have on marketing in Advantage.


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