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The Sky is the Limit With Upgrades!

AMA was so pleased with the results of their recent upgrade that they sent a sheet cake to ACS, which we all enjoyed. Congratulations to YOU, AMA, on a successful upgrade!
The upgrade world has been a busy one so far this year and the pace looks to be picking up even more, as additional clients join the queue. Frequent upgrades benefit you, and they help us as well. For Advantage users, upgrading provides you new features and functionality help you operate your business more efficiently, along with technology enhancements, updates for industry standards, new user interface updates and major module rewrites. Plus, the more frequent upgrades are, the more efficient the project execution becomes and the less time they take. For ACS, the more clients on recent releases there are, the better support becomes as there are fewer releases to maintain and support. In addition, webinars and other training events become more pertinent as you run your business on the same revision of the software that ACS is presenting with.

Upgrading recently to a 2008 release were Farm Progress, who went live in January, and the Wildlife Conservation Society (at Palm Coast Data) with a February go-live. March saw the go-lives of the American Medical Association and American Master Products, and April/May is the scheduled timeframe for Penton and God's World Publications.

Several clients are on board to begin upgrading to 9R1, including Bayard Presse, Boy Scouts of America and Oxford University Press. And 9R2's queue has Kalmbach Publishing, Ogden Publications and Our Sunday Visitor, and Agora.

Many of these clients are using the upgrade as a spring board into other endeavors. New features and functionality continues to be released in several key areas to the publishing industry – including online web features and functionality and a dramatically enhanced Access Management and Billing module. The first step to utilizing these new features is an upgrade in Advantage revisions.

There's plenty of room for you if you want to join the upgrade club! Contact your ACS account manager or Paul DesRosiers today.

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