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‘Tis the season to give online gift certificates

The Cider web platform provides a robust environment for customer self-service and order placement.  Now, just in time for the holidays, the platform also supports payments made through gift certificates.

Gift certificates are already a native payment method in the Advantage software package, but now the Cider platform will also support payments made via Advantage gift certificates. You can choose whether or not a certificate is usable for web orders. 

This feature also permits the ability to use a partial amount of the gift certificate, with the remaining amount available for future orders.  Online customers can enter a gift certificate number directly, if they choose. If a customer has a partially redeemed gift certificate on file, they can select it and use it for payment.


The Gift Certificate functionality is just one of many enhancements recently added to the Advantage Cider platform.  AdvantageCS continues to evolve and enhance its ability to serve clients in several industries and across a multitude of technologies.  If Cider, our eCommerce platform, is a feature that you’d like to explore implementing for your external customers, or if you’d simply like more information on the gift certificate program or the Cider platform, contact your AdvantageCS representative. 

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