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Top Ten Tips for Business Travelers

Did you know that at least 20% of all travel is for business purposes? With 30% of our clients based overseas, AdvantageCS employees certainly contribute to that statistic.

One of our most traveled project managers, Levi Hyssong (pictured), logs at least 12 weeks per year on the road. Levi not only enjoys traveling; he sees the value. “Being onsite with our clients is one of the most effective ways to make progress on a project, so it’s good to see the outcome of the time spent.”

We asked Levi, and pulled from our own travel experiences, to come up with our top ten tips & tricks for business travelers. Hope they come in handy on your next trip.

1) Be prepared. Keep your travel-sized toiletries and other essentials packed and ready to go so that you don’t have to repack them every time. Small pouches (like these) are great for keeping items neat and organized.

2) Pack light! Use a carry-on bag to avoid steep fees or -- even worse -- lost luggage.

3) Don’t forget the items that will help you be both comfortable and productive, like noise-cancelling headphones and chargers (with international power adapter). See here for a full packing list.

4) Some of the aforementioned items aren’t physical items -- they’re apps! Most major travel brands, including airlines, have proprietary apps that store your flight information, boarding passes, and more information. Here are ten more to download before you leave.

5) If you travel often, consider getting Global Entry so that you can bypass security and customs lines. The $100 application fee includes TSA PreCheck, which costs $85 alone.

6) On the day of your flight, wear layers and slip-on shoes. Leave accessories containing metal in your bag (or at home) to move through security more quickly.

7) When booking accommodations, choose a hotel near your office or client site. If staying in an urban area, look for something close to public transportation. That’ll make it easier to explore other parts of the city.

8) Speaking of exploring: identify one local attraction---like a museum, park, or restaurant---to visit during downtime. Don’t know where to go? Check a local publication or online guide like Time Out, which is published in most major cities.

9) When you get there, walk as often as possible. Not only does getting outside help fight jet lag, it’s a great way to get your bearings and see your new surroundings.

10) Last, but certainly not least, have some fun! “Traveling for work doesn’t always have to be unenjoyable,” says Levi. “Make time to find a good meal and take in the new or different culture, wherever you may be.”

Bon voyage!

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