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Transferring Payments with Ease by Molly Mathe

Advantage allows you to transfer credits from one customer to another. This allows you to apply payments from one customer to invoices of another customer.

Open Control Group to Hold Transfers
Create a credit control group at ARPCGP that will hold the transfers along with the new applications.

Delete Any Unposted Applications
Make sure your vouchers do not have any unposted applications on them. If they do, either post them first or delete them using the DAP function at ARPCSH.

Move Voucher to New Control Group
At ARPCSH, move your voucher from the system generated CTG for unapplied credits to your newly created control group.

  1. Search for the voucher in your system generated CTG for unapplied credits
  2. Use the MUC function to move the voucher to your new CTG

Search for Credit in New CTG
At ARPCSH, search for the credit using the S function on your newly created CTG

Transfer Credit to new CTM

  1. Use the AP function and enter the new CTG and your voucher #
  2. Zero out any automatic application that was made
  3. Click the XFER button
  4. Toggle to "OUT"
  5. Enter new CTM# in TO: field
  6. Enter amount you are transferring
  7. Click ADD
  8. Escape to function box.

New Voucher# for XFER
A new voucher number is created for the transferred credit. Search your new CTG for the voucher and use the AP function to apply it to invoice(s) as normal.

Edit and release your new CTG at ARPCGP or using ARP132/ARP136.

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