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Understanding Non-Inventory Items

Advantage allows you to have a PRO item that is actually a service item (or a non-inventory item). This allows you to add the item on PRO orders, but you do not need to keep warehouse quantities for the item.

Setup at INVDAT
Create your inventory item as you would any other PRO item.

You will need to add an item/warehouse record, even though you will not be keeping stock of the non-inventory or service item in your warehouse. To add the item, use the AN function, which will create the item with a quantity of 99999999 in the warehouse but the bin quantity will remain 0. You do not want to use the ‘A' function to add the item, and then receive or adjust the quantity to 9,999,999 since that will create a bin quantity of 9,999,999, and that will cause problems later.

Assumptions on Non-Inventory Items

  1. You cannot enter adjustment on service items.
  2. You cannot enter a receipt on service items.
  3. You can delete a warehouse record item when the quantity is 99999999.
  4. You cannot commit inventory on service items.
  5. You cannot backorder a service item.
  6. Returning a service item does not increase the quantity in the warehouse.
  7. You cannot enter a transfer on a service item.
  8. You cannot do a physical inventory on service items.
  9. A package header must be defined as a non-inventory item.

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