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Understanding Upgrade, Downgrade, Migrate and Replace

Are your subscribers switching publications, moving to different pricing models, or dropping print in favor of online access? Increasingly, we're finding our clients looking for ways to offer customers more options to change the content being delivered to them. Managing and reporting this movement is important to maximize opportunities with your customers.

Some of our clients perform deep data analysis and modeling using our Business Intelligence (BI) module to perform analysis on specific events, such as:

  • Upgrades from free online access to paid-premium access
  • Switches to different publications or products within the same product line
  • Migrations from print to digital versions
  • Marketing campaigns with bundled print and digital content

You can manage these events in Advantage using the subscription modification codes at the SVCCIR view. Specifically, the Upgrade (UPG), Downgrade (DNG), Migrate (MIG), and Replace (RPL) functions can be used to capture these customer events.

  • The Upgrade and Downgrade operations are best used when you can definitively categorize an event as an upgrade or a downgrade. For example, you may have two publications of similar content, but one has more. You may discover a trend of subscriber movement to the publication with more content that you could track using the Upgrade operation code.
  • Migrate enables you to move subscribers to a different pricing or fulfillment model within the same publication. An example is transferring a subscriber to a different geographic variation of a publication identified through a different subscription type.
  • Replace, introduced in the 2011r2 release of Advantage, provides you with more sophisticated options for transferring a subscription from print to digital or from a single subscription to packaged content. For example, you may offer print content as well as packaged content including print and online access. You can offer customers the option to replace the single subscription with the package. Some of our clients report that these types of offers can be highly effective for customer retention.

Here is a reference table for each of these operations.

The flexibly of these methods allows your business to construct creative marketing campaigns and empower your customer service representatives with options to retain customers. They can also be extremely valuable in BI analysis to make important business decisions and formulate new promotions. Consult your Online Help or ACS Account Manager for more assistance in determining how these methods can assist your business model.

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