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Upgrade Activity Is Brisk Throughout 2012

Many Advantage clients completed upgrades this past year, keeping the ACS upgrade team hopping. These included the following.

Bayard Presse went live on 2012r1 this past summer, upgrading from 2009r1. The project was more complex than the usual, due to the many interfaces, but was successfully completed through the efforts of a large team of people.

Our Sunday Visitor also made the jump from 9r1 to 12r1, with a summer go-live.

American Medical Association is also live on 12r1. They were making the jump from 8r2 and were upgrading the Business Intelligence module for the first time, as well as some important interfaces.

Farm Progress also upgraded to 12r1. FPC is especially excited about the new customer service letter and credit card handling features. The credit card rules table and the ability to easily send customer service letters based on responses received from the credit card vendor will be a big improvement to their business and make their customer service department much more efficient.

Another successful 12r1 upgrade was achieved by Kalmbach Publishing. KPC was very interested in new AMB features included in the 12r1 revision. On the heels of this upgrade project, KPC will implement AMB and redesign their web pages to expand their digital presence.

Last but not least, Vidal also went live on 12R1. The cutover was smooth and the team at Vidal was pleased to be live precisely on schedule.

Pacific Press went live on 11r1, making the jump from 8r1.

ACS project managers John Hughes, Philippe Rowland, Daryl Vautour, and Eva Weissman wish to thank all who helped on one or more of these projects:

Andrea Best, Jim Blaney, Todd Gilson, Al Grunas, Mike Hasey, Levi Hyssong, Derek Johnson, Larry Kleber, Martha Krieg, Linda Lorenz, Pete Oas, Paul Sauter, John Sheehy, Philippe van Mastrigt, Kelly Vautour, Matt Varblow, Bryan Varblow, Stephanie Widrig, Linda Woodman, and Ray Zick.

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