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Upgrade Activity Strong All Summer

Congratulations to Mary Ann Liebert, Duke University Press and Massachusetts Medical Society, who recently completed Advantage upgrades.

The Mary Ann Liebert team comprised Nancy Piscitello and Roddy Pimentel, while Lesley Jones and Ling Mao led the charge for Duke University Press.

Philippe Rowland spearheaded the ACS team for both projects, supported by a host of engineers including Mike Hasey, Mark Sauter, Linda Woodman, Jon Bartholomay, Paul DesRosiers, Larry Kleber and Ray Zick. Eric Burbeck and Bill Pinard provided project management back-up for Philippe as well.

The upgrade of the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS), publishers of the New England Journal of Medicine, was a multi-faceted project.  In addition to moving from a Tools environment to .NET, they implemented a new credit card interface and a true multi-currency environment.

The MMS team included Mark Fung-a-fat, Shane Fung-a-fat, Julie Mock, Catherine Cronin, Brian Parow, Paulus Lau, Xuegeng Cao.

On the ACS side, Philippe Rowland again served ably as the project manager, while the engineering aspects were performed effectively by Mike Hasey’s team, including Mark Sauter, Jon Bartholomay, Linda Woodman, and Pete Oas, with additional assistance from Jim Blaney, Paul Sauter and Larry Kleber.

Hats off to all these teams!

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