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Using Coupons

A coupon is a discount program you set up to offer a percentage or dollar discount on the order, based on certain parameters. You can allow use of the coupon based on such variables as the promotion code on the order line, the specific items ordered, the owning organization of the product ordered, etc.

The discount is applied only to the "eligible" lines on the order (such discounts are spread proportionally across the eligible lines). In addition, you can set up a particular coupon to allow/disallow repeated uses by the same bill-to customer and access usage statistics for individual customers, as well as the general stats for a coupon "program"---number of uses, sales with and without the coupon discount, etc.

CPNTBL/COU – Coupon Setup

You set up coupons at the CPNTBL/COU view. Coupons can be attached to a promotion, or be valid for a group of promotions, items, owning organizations, etc.

Entering Coupons with the Order

Coupons can be applied to any line items that may be entered on a Master Order at MSTDAT/FST. This includes:

  • CIR
  • PRO
  • CEM
  • AMB
  • MBR

Coupon discounting is supported at the FST entry view (as well as other entry points that support order scripting---for example, the Next Release tab at SVCDAT/BCL).

At MSTDAT/FST, a "Coupon" button is available for inclusion with the order entry script. This allows the rep to enter the coupon at any point of the order (once the order details phase is started, and up until the point that the payment dialog is displayed).

Multiple coupons may be used per order---however, the end result of the order is that only one coupon may be applied per line. In some cases, two or more coupons may be applicable to the same line, in which case the user must inform Advantage which coupon to honor for that line (see "Resolving Coupon Conflicts" below).

The following terminology and distinctions may be useful in understanding this:

  • A coupon is assigned to an order (i.e. entered by the rep). This means is the coupon is available to its order lines, but does not necessarily mean that the coupon will actually be used by any of the order lines.
  • A coupon is applicable to an order line if it meets the inclusion and exclusion rules for that coupon.
  • A coupon is applied to one or more order lines, as long as it is applicable to that line, and the system has not previously applied another coupon to the line.
  • A coupon qualifies for a discount if the sum of the order lines to which that coupon is applied meets the criteria (minimum order quantity, minimum order amount) that has been defined for the coupon.

How Coupon Discounts Work

Coupon discounts work just like other discounts. A monetary or % amount is subtracted from the list price of the item(s) in question when a coupon is used on a sale. Coupon discounts are placed into their own discount "bucket" allowing combination codes to rule whether, say, a promotion discount and a coupon discount are added together or compounded together, or whether the highest discount takes precedence.

Coupon discounts will be applied prior to any calculation of tax. That is, tax is calculated based on the discounted amount.

What if the total discount of the coupon is more than the total of the qualifying lines? For example, suppose you offer a $20 off discount, yet qualifying lines 1, 3, and 5 add up to only $18.50. In these cases, the customer loses the remainder of the coupon (or in other words, only $18.50 worth of discounting is applied to the order). In these situations, a message is displayed to the rep during online order entry.

NOTE: For more information on using coupons, see Online Help or request a webinar training session with Doug Moore (

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