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Using Related Items

There may be times when you have an item that cannot be purchased separately, but must be included with another item, for instance personalization services, shrink-wrapping, or logos.  Advantage uses the related items feature to handle cases like this, and prohibits the entry of a related item.  It must be added with another item.

Set-up of related item

Related items are set up at INVDAT like any other item.  However, the related item check box must be checked.  You must also set up a warehouse record for the item.  Depending on the nature of the related item, it can either be stocked in inventory or set up as a non-stocked item.

Adding Related Item to Order

After adding the primary item to the order, you can right-click in the line section at MSTFST to add the related item.

Selecting Add Related Order Line… will bring up a dialog box to enter the related item and optionally override the descriptions.  Using the drop-down on the Related Item Number field will show only items at INVDAT that have the related item box checked.

The related item will be related to the order line that was entered before it.  If you later delete that line from the order, it will automatically delete the related order line.

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