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Using Subscription Adjustment Reasons


You can attach a reason code to all customer service subscription adjustment transactions and also have a note automatically created with the transaction. This way, you have a visible customer service audit trail of all such changes that may be quickly referenced. You might want to know, for example, why the customer is changing the number of copies or migrating from one publication to another.

You define the valid values by operation code for these transactions at the CIRTBL/RSN ?Subscription Adjustment Reason view.

Create Customer Note controls whether a customer note should be automatically created at order entry time for a transaction using this reason code.

The note is automatically generated when the transaction is entered. If the transaction is deleted before posting, the attached note is deleted as well. The note contains:

  •  Operation code for the transaction
  •  Reason Code
  •  Reason Code meaning

In addition, you can indicate that the note is to be automatically marked complete at time of creation. The system marks the note complete by populating the current date into the Action/Done field. This might be useful, for example, if no letter is being produced, and there is no further action to take.

Credit Reason permits you to define a valid ARP reason code for those transactions that result in a credit. You may define whatever values make sense. You may prefer to set the ARP code to the same value as the CIR reason code, or you may leave it blank. CIR210 uses this value to set the credit reason code in ARP.

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