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Vidal Goes Live on Advantage

French publisher Vidal began live production use of Advantage on the last day of June.  Located in Issy-les-Moulineaux, just outside of Paris, Vidal publishes medical information to French healthcare professionals.  VIDAL's main drug compendium is the indispensable reference for French healthcare professionals in their everyday practice. It is available in print, on CD-ROM and on a website. The product is the equivalent of both First Data Bank and PDR in US products.

They also publish a variety of other products including: books, electronic subscriptions, subscription-based newsletters, advertising and other one-off products.

The Vidal team included Claire Baldeyrou as the executive sponsor and Martine Thiery as the project manager.  Levi Hyssong served as the ACS project manager, and he worked closely with Philippe van-Mastrigt as the European Project Director.

As the executive sponsor, Claire was quite impressed with the work of the entire implementation team and the success of the project.  "I was pleased to find that the software turned out to be ‘as advertised,'" she said.  "I would definitely recommend it to other publishers." 

Vidal Project Team, left to right: Martine Thiery (Project Manager), Sylvie Herscovici, Carole Chamillard, Nicolas Martelliere, Magali Dumas, Claire Baldeyrou (Executive Sponsor), Levi Hyssong (ACS Project Manager).

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