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Welcome New Employee Binoy Phillip

Binoy Phillip is the newest member of the AdvantageCS implementation team led by Tim Zapawa. Binoy brings a rich and varied set of education and experience to his new position. Binoy grew up in India and received his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at Bangalore University in Bengaluru, known as the “Silicon Valley” of India. After graduation, he spent three years at the Indian Institute of Science where he worked in their Combustion, Gasification and Propulsion Laboratory, dealing with rocket engines. 

Binoy then came to the United States to attend graduate school, and earned a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan. While studying aerospace engineering, he found that his work in computational fluid dynamics, where he dealt extensively with computations, flowed naturally into IT, and he switched fields. He got a job as a computer consultant, providing desktop support and serving as a project manager for school of nursing at the University of Michigan.

Through projects in his undergraduate and graduate studies, he became interested in sustainability and earned a second master’s degree in sustainable systems*.

Through the recommendation of a family member, Binoy met his wife, Christine, an occupational therapist. They married in 2010, and they now have a 3 ½ year-old daughter, Esther. Binoy and Christine decided to take a travel break and the three of them spent a few months traveling in India and Europe.

Upon his return to the US, Binoy began job-hunting and found AdvantageCS. He accepted a position in June as a project manager and is busy learning Advantage and becoming familiar with clients. 

When he isn’t working, Binoy enjoys travel, including road trips, playing pool, church activities and spending time with his family. He lives with Christine and Esther in north Ann Arbor. His parents and sister are still in India.

We welcome Binoy to the AdvantageCS family!

*Sustainable Systems provide a framework for thinking about various systems that we interact with on a daily basis such as energy, mobility and communities, to name a few. Within this framework, sustainable systems focuses on economic, environmental and social factors and aims to enhance our ability to steward the Earth’s resources today without compromising its ability to meet future needs.

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