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Welcome New Employee Chris Long

new employee Chris Long

The newest member of the AdvantageCS development team led by John Moore, is Chris Long. Chris recently graduated from the University of Michigan, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. Chris began his college career in the biomedical area, but found that the amount of research work involved was more than he was interested in doing. Programming was much more to his liking and so he switched majors.

In his brief stint at AdvantageCS, Chris has gotten involved in improving the functionality of the AdvantageCS internal website. He enjoys breaking a large task into smaller pieces and working through each one. The collaborative atmosphere of the AdvantageCS engineering division appeals to Chris---he works well in a group and appreciates having lots of others around to answer questions and bounce ideas off of.

Chris grew up in Rochester Hills, Michigan, where his parents still live. Chris is not the first engineer in the family---his father is a mechanical engineer and his younger sister is in college studying chemical engineering.

He lives in Ann Arbor close to the U of M campus, and near several of his friends. When he isn’t working, Chris enjoys playing group board games---such as the popular “Settlers of Catan” series and “Ticket to Ride”---with his friends. He also plays Ultimate Frisbee and volunteers at his church working on their website.

We welcome Chris to the AdvantageCS family!

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