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Welcome New Employee David Zick

new employee David Zick

David Zick has joined AdvantageCS as a member of the development team led by Paul Sauter. David is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, but he isn’t a stranger to AdvantageCS---he worked here as an intern last summer, and we’re delighted to have him back as a full-time employee.

Following in the footsteps of more than one member of his family, David earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science engineering. His father is a software developer, his older sister earned a degree in industrial operations engineering, and his uncle, Ray Zick, has been a fixture of the engineering department here at AdvantageCS for more than 30 years. 

Aided by his intern experience, David has hit the ground running. His team employs an agile development method in which tasks are grouped into 2-week sprints. The team meets briefly every morning to update each other on what they accomplished the previous day, and what they will be working on that day. David thinks this method works well because everyone is aware of what other team members are doing and are able to help each other as needed. He learned to work in the C# programming language during his internship, and is quickly learning Advantage as well. David likes being given an assignment---perhaps a mod request---and figuring out how to modify the code in order to solve it. Another favorite task is making code more efficient. He is looking forward to tackling more and greater challenges as his knowledge and experience grows.

David grew up in Saline, Michigan, where he and his family still live. When he isn’t working, David enjoys playing disc golf and Ultimate Frisbee---he played in an Ultimate club league in college. He is always up for a pick-up game of basketball, and follows the NBA. And, to no one’s surprise, he is a University of Michigan football fan.

Welcome, David, to the AdvantageCS family!

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