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Welcome New Employee Greg Caldwell

New AdvantageCS employee Greg Caldwell

Greg Caldwell is the newest member of the Engineering Services team led by Matt Varblow.  He comes to ACS from Soar Technology, where he worked as a software engineer on projects for the US Department of Defense.

After three years there, Greg was ready for a change and the idea of a small company with less bureaucracy appealed to him.  He is currently working on the ACS eCommerce initiative, nicknamed Cider.

Born and raised in Vermont, Greg knew he wanted to study some form of engineering and chose to attend the University of Michigan, partly because they offered a program in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME), which he considered for a time.  However, he settled on computer engineering because “computers were more fun.”  Greg earned a degree in computer science from the U of M College of Engineering in 2011.

Greg lives in Ann Arbor and when he’s not working, reading is his pastime of choice.  Philosophy and theology are favorite subjects.  He is also interested in economics and keeps up to date on economic news.  He also likes watching football and from time to time, has found himself caught up in computer games.  “Civilization” is a particular favorite and he is looking forward to the new version due out soon.  

We welcome Greg to the Advantage family!

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