Jan 4, 2022
Cindy Twiss

Welcome New Employee Matt Rees

Matt Rees was welcomed by one friendly face that he knew very well when he joined AdvantageCS in November. His father, Dave Rees, has been a software engineer here for 28 years. 

Joining Doug Moore’s Program Services group, Matt brings years of experience in training and dealing with customers to the job. After 7 years at a large company where clients and teams were constantly shifting, Matt was ready to move on. He was looking for a place where he would be able to build longer-term relationships with clients and with his work team. He found that at AdvantageCS.

Matt graduated from Milligan University in Tennessee where he majored in film studies and minored in theater. That experience, which included script writing, has been helpful to him in preparing and conducting training in the business world.  

As he becomes more familiar with all things Advantage, Matt is looking forward to putting his training skills to good use by reviewing and developing Advantage training materials.  

Upon meeting Matt in person, you can’t help but notice his fashion style. A self-described “clothes horse,” Matt enjoys wearing suits, ties and dress shoes to work even though the dress code is business casual. After teaching himself via video how to shine shoes properly, Matt even has a small side business shining shoes for his family and friends. 

Matt grew up in Redford, Michigan and he and his wife, Darcie (along with sons Philip, 2 ½, and Ezra, 1,) bought a house there after they were married. His parents and married sister live within a few miles of them and the extended family gets together frequently. Matt and Darcie met while at college where she earned a master’s degree in English literature. She works part-time at a school.

Outside of work, Matt plays piano and guitar and is very involved with the music program at his church. He also enjoys doing projects around the house and he and Darcie like to go out to sushi restaurants when they can.

We welcome Matt to the AdvantageCS family.

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