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Welcome to Dynapresse

We are pleased to officially welcome Dynapresse Marketing SA as an Advantage client. Dynapresse is a Swiss company founded in 1985 in Carouge, near Geneva. It was created by the Payot-Naville Distribution group and is now owned by the 7Days Group. 

Dynapresse serves French publishers (also German and English) and assists them in distributing their magazines in the Swiss market. Dynapresse acts as a hybrid (both an agent and a publisher), with its key activities being to:

  • Market and sell subscriptions from various French and Swiss publishers on the Swiss market
  • Manage the subscriptions, or just handle the renewal and marketing efforts (as an agent), depending on the contract established with the publisher
  • Purchase the issues from the publishers and/or invoice them for the commission and services provided

Dynapresse was using an internal system that was unreliable and difficult to maintain and in 2015 made the decision to look for a new solution. Dynapresse is not a typical publisher because they handle thousands of publications---but in small quantities---managed or sold as an agent. In addition, they purchase from French, German and English publishers and need specific purchasing functionality, and they have a large amount of free term subscriptions with unique needs. 

After looking at several possible solutions, they chose Advantage not only because it could handle their specific needs for dealing with publishers, such as purchase, invoice, and quote functionalities, but also because of our good references and reputation as a reliable business partner.

The implementation project is well underway. Welcome Dynapresse!

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