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What’s happening on the upgrade front?

You've told us you want to upgrade frequently (which is multiple times per year for some, annually for others and bi-annually for still others). Reasons to upgrade are numerous and include:
  •  to get new features designed to give you a competitive edge
  •  to realize efficiencies designed to reduce your cost of doing business
  •  to decrease the project length by doing upgrades more often

To help you meet this objective, we have continued to refine our project methodology and to decrease the time and resources needed to complete an upgrade. As a result, today, over two-thirds of our client base are on a revision within three years of the current (Release 2005r0 or higher). The higher this percentage goes, the more it allows us to focus resources on the current revisions of the software instead of on maintaining older releases, which is something everyone benefits from.

Who is upgrading?

2008r1 is being implemented at three sites, with go-lives for all three in April and May. Five additional clients are slated to get this release early second quarter, with another dozen clients discussing upgrade plans with their respective account managers. We will complete more than 20 upgrade projects this year, and by year's end, 12 ? 15 clients will be on an 8r1 or higher revision.

The first client to use the 2008r1 revision in a live production environment is expected to be? ACS! We use the Advantage software to track issues and have multiple users in the system every day. We also employ web capsules to show your open issues lists via the client web page. Our go-live is targeted for early April and we're currently working through the upgrade methodology like any other client would.

What's in this release?

The 2008r1 revision brings many fantastic new features and enhancements including:

  •     * The Global Process Request View ? CDSREQ. One centrally located workspace to request processes, reports, and job streams. This display also supports the scheduling of job streams.
  •     * CIR Subscription fields in MSTDAT scripting
  •     * Telesales to Teleservice redesign
  •     * Plus many, many more

For more information on any of the new features in the 2008r1 release, contact your ACS account manager to request a downloadable version of the full Release Notes. If you're looking for something more abbreviated, you can ask them for the ‘Highlights' document that touches on the most high profile changes of the release.
When can I get the current release?

Now! 2008r1 was released on February 15. 8R2 will be available June 9th. Contact your account manager today to start the process.

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