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Why Does PA-DSS Certification Matter To You?

 PA-DSS stands for "Payment Application – Data Security Standard".  This standard was developed to establish specific guidelines to prevent credit/debit card fraud and malicious use of confidential credit information.  For certification, software vendors like ACS, whose software is used to process credit and debit cards are required to:

  • Develop software that complies with the guidelines for storing, processing, and transmitting credit/debit card information.
  • Establish internal policies and procedures to ensure that software is developed and installed according to defined standards.
  • Create an Implementation Guide that instructs clients how to implement Advantage in order to ensure compliance.
  • Pass a formal review by a qualified auditor.

Knowing that Advantage is PA-DSS certified means that it will be easier for you to be PCI compliant.  The first certified release of Advantage was 2011R1, and we expect to be notified of certification of the latest releases shortly.  Going forward, we will seek certification of each new release as a matter of course.

Contact your ACS account manager if you have any questions about PA-DSS certification.

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