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Workflow Events in Advantage

The 2013R1 release introduced an exciting new feature which we call Workflow Events. This is the basis for functionality which will expand exponentially over time as more events and actions are supported and users discover its value.

Workflow Events provides a background service that continuously monitors events…such as payment entry or an agreement change…against configurable rules, and allows you to set up actions based on those events and rules.

Here are a few examples of how you might use the workflow event feature:

  • Any time a customer is assigned to a collection agency: cancel all of the customer’s subscriptions, add a customer note, and use a pre-defined letter template to notify the customer via email.
  • Any time an access agreement changes: send a notification to the CMS system.

Future uses might include such things as an “Order Complete” event. You could define a rule such that email is automatically sent to the customer any time that event occurs. An “Order Shipped” event might trigger a similar action. Perhaps an “Order Complete” event would also trigger email to the warehouse if the “rush ship” flag is set.

Advantage 2013r1 supports the following events:

  • Agreement Suspension Status Changed
  • Agreement Term Access Changed
  • Agreement Term Deleted
  • Customer Assigned to Collection Agency
  • Customer Debt Written Off
  • Payment Application Posted
  • Statement Effort Created

If you enable an event then Advantage will start recording occurrences of that event. The Advantage API service watches for the event to be recorded. For each event, it applies any rules that have been defined. The rule can apply a set of conditions (e.g. only apply this rule to customers in the UK), and you also apply a set of actions to the rule.

This first release supports these actions:

  • Assign Customer to Collection Agency
  • Cancel a Customer’s Subscriptions, Agreements, Book Club Series, Standing Orders, and/or Conference Registrations
  • Suspend a Customer’s Subscriptions, Agreements, Book Club Series, Standing Orders, and/or Conference Registrations
  • Create a Call Record
  • Create a Customer Blocking Record
  • Create a Customer Note
  • Send an HTTP Request (e.g. to call an HTTP web API)
  • Send an Access Control Notification (a SOAP web service notification for access control changes)
  • Send Email
  • Send Email using a Customer Letter
  • Set a Customer’s Credit Status

Workflow Events will allow actions to occur in other applications. For example, a customer order in Advantage could notify the CRM application (, MS Dynamics CRM) that such an order was placed. The possibilities are endless, and this workflow technology has captured the imagination of our clients and prospects alike. See the 2013r1 Release Notes for more details.

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