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      many options for campaign management in Advantage Advantage provides your marketing staff with the nearly unlimited ability to design and implement campaigns, promotions, and offers. With Advantage, you can: 

  • Set up as many promotions as you choose, then link them to one or more campaigns 
  • Track response to specific elements of an offer
  • Query the database to find buyer patterns
  • Collect detailed promotion response statistics, such as gross response, pay-up rates, retention, and cost-to-sales ratios 
  • Offer special pricing, discounts, premiums, and terms on specific line items
  • Establish detailed cancellation policies
  • Implement extensive gracing rules
  • Process auto renewals
  • Offer, apply, and track coupons
  • Record transactions created per promotion setup — whether web, call center, or upload
  • Set up response choices (different products and/or subscription characteristics) 
  • Allow a set offer to be used over and over 
  • Use a promotion finder to help your call center easily respond to promotion questions
  • Analyze promotion responses for gift subscriptions (for both the donor and donator)
  • Offer affinity programs (points, contests)
  • Define upsell and cross-sell offers for web and call center
  • Integrate with campaign management systems

List Selection

Sophisticated selection tools enable you to pull just the right people for your promotion. No-charge participation lists and trial offers allow you to entangle browsers with your content.  You can also log promotions sent to customers and create quick-entry numbers.