Want to build a strong online presence? You need Cider---the e-commerce platform from AdvantageCS developed just for subscription and product marketing. Your marketers can enjoy lightning fast concept-to-market for their promotions, and they’ll love Cider’s marketing portal that makes creating and designing promotions and landing pages a snap. They’ll jump for joy at Cider’s flexible theme design allowing them to customize the look-and-feel of each site, plus the fully integrated shopping cart and self-service capabilities. They’ll be thrilled to find that Cider supports bundles and packages, conferences and events, and is already hooked up to Google Analytics. 

And since Cider shares the same business logic engine as Advantage, your marketers will have access to thousands of Advantage features. Your technical team will be glad to hear that the platform is designed with key architectural considerations like security, scalability, and extensibility, and offers a Single Sign-on solution. With all this and more, you can be sure that Cider is ready to handle your demanding web needs. Contact us today for a demo of Cider---and Advantage.