Welcome! As you may have heard, we were originally planning an in-person and virtual event this year for the Advantage Academy. However, after careful consideration, we will only be offering the virtual event during the weeks of 6-Nov and 13-Nov this year. This virtual event will feature presentation-style sessions with access to cloud-based Advantage areas for exercises and exploration.

Please review the following information about the event and fill out the form to complete your registration.

Course Descriptions

These are the 11 courses we will be offering this year. These topics were curated using client feedback as well as internal analysis on topics our clients could benefit from the most. Please review these carefully prior to registration.

Course Topics Expected Knowledge
Workflow Events (beginner) Workflow event and rule setup, creating workflows for practical usages, troubleshooting setup
Conceptual knowledge of Advantage events (e.g., customer add, order posted)
Workflow Events (advanced) Custom workflow events, advanced action configuration, workflow rule/action prioritization, action retry policies Working understanding of Advantage's workflow event feature, practical uses, and experience using it
Select Sets (beginner) Adding/modifying select sets, configuring criteria, reviewing output, using select sets with reports and/or processes, introduction to hierarchical selections General understanding of the Advantage data model and how records are related to one another
Select Sets (advanced) Data source configuration, data source expressions, advanced one-to-many relationships, C# vs. SQL, deeper look at hierarchical selections Experience configuring and using select sets, good understanding of database relationship concepts
Omnistream (beginner) Basic upload file setup and definition, using Omnistream rules, order correction and activation
General understanding of XML, familiarity with basic Advantage concepts and transactions
Omnistream (advanced) Advanced file upload schemas, exploring XSLT, advanced Omnistream rule maintenance Experience working with Omnistream upload files including a solid XML understanding
OperationsManaging processes, managing users, maintaining setup, data quality tests, troubleshooting tips, operations checklist tasks Familiar with the overall structure, setup, and operation of an Advantage instance
Cider Administration Product imports, shopping cart, landing pages, analytics, page layout (and widgets), menu’s
Some foundational knowledge of Advantage concepts and some familiarity with a content management system (CMS)
Cider Development Theming, functional behavior overrides, deploying customizations Experience in web development and programming concepts
Integrations Extensibility service, custom workflow actions, using Advantage REST API’s, distribution framework Experience with REST APIs, C#, and SQL
Advantage REST API Working with the Advantage REST API--both for singular purposes and more complex applications involving multiple REST endpoints HTTP protocol, JSON syntax, CRUD operations, client-server architecture, statelessness, API documentation (e.g., Swagger)

Virtual Schedule

The schedule for the virtual sessions will be published once all registrations have been received. This is to ensure all time zones can be accommodated and to determine if courses need to be offered more than once due to the number of enrolled people. The schedule will be published in October.


Use the form below to indicate the courses you would like to register for. Each individual must register separately. The virtual event is $125 per course. A bulk discount of $100 per course is available if a company registers 3 or more people.

Registration closes on 30-September.

Course registration costs will be added to your company's next invoice.