Frequently Asked Questions about AdvantageCS subscription management software

  Is Advantage cloud-hosted or on premise?
  Is Advantage only a subscription system?
  Is Advantage only for large organizations?
  Does Advantage manage both digital and print?
  What marketing capabilities does Advantage have?
  Is Advantage a CRM or an AMS?
  Is Advantage GDPR and CCPA compliant?
  Is Advantage PCI/PA-DSS compliant?
  What managed services do you offer?
  Do you use third-party services for development or implementation?
  What is the update policy for Advantage?
  What standard integrations/connectors to other systems does Advantage have? Do you offer custom integration support?
  How is Advantage priced?
  How do I schedule a web demo?
  How long has AdvantageCS been in business?