AdvantageCS 24/7 Support Center

Available 24/7, the AdvantageCS Support Center is staffed to provide timely support to clients in all time zones across the globe.

Support requests may be submitted via the AdvantageCS website, email, telephone, or even fax. When submitting support requests, our clients assign a priority level to the task. All Priority Level 1 tasks are addressed immediately.

The Support Center communicates with the User Community via email in the form of "customer alerts," which share information that may impact client operations. On the Client Support webpage, we maintain a list of recent alerts and provide keyword search capability across the Advantage knowledge base.

Our Support Center staff conducts webinars on popular topics, including new features available in each release. And, of course, customized onsite training and consulting are always available.

AdvantagePoint blog and message board

The Support Center also maintains a support blog, called AdvantagePoint, on the client portion of our website. The blog highlights new features, upcoming events, training course schedules, upgrade news, and webinar topics and dates.

In addition to the blog, the Support Center hosts a message board for clients to exchange questions or share information with each other and to submit tips and tricks.

AdvantageCS is a strong supporter of the User Community, and has a Support Center representative on the Advantage User’s Group Steering Committee. This committee hosts an annual conference for all Advantage clients. The conference exchanges are one of the best sources of client input on new developments to the software. 

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