Meet our team

There’s a phrase in organizational development that is often attributed to successful companies: “The People Make the Place.” This is true of the culture at AdvantageCS. Our team of engineers, data scientists, developers, analysts, account managers and support staff are distinguished not only by their expertise and experience but by their service attitude.

Each day, we serve our clients around the world first by listening to understand their challenges and needs, then collaborating with them to define the way forward and finally, developing specific solutions. We function as valued partners for our clients and this partnership results in significant improvements in efficiency, customer service and business success.

Company Officers

Roger Varblow, President

Roger Varblow, President

Dan Heffernan, Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Product Planning

Dick Hile, Vice President, Product Engineering

Bryan Varblow, Vice President, Operations

Matt Varblow, Vice President, Engineering Services

Tim Zapawa, Vice President, Client Services

Directors and Managers

Howard Brooks, Director, Product Development

Scott Ghormley, Director, Support Services

Toby Hartman, Team Manager, Product Development

Mike Hasey, Team Manager, Engineering Services (Implementations)

Levi Hyssong, Team Leader, Client Services

Derek Johnson, Team Leader, Quality Assurance

Doug Moore, Director, Program Services

John Moore, Manager, Engineering Services

Paul Sauter, Manager, Product Development

Rebecca Sharp, Controller & Office Manager

John Sheehy, Manager, Chief Solutions Architect

Cindy Twiss, Director, Marketing

Philippe van Mastrigt, Director, European operations

Daryl Vautour, Team Leader, Client Services

Ray Zick, Manager, Cloud Services