AdvantageCS experienced teleservices programmers

Advantage’s teleservices functionality helps you sell your company's products and services over the phone. Teleservices provides:

  • Powerful selection ability for creating call lists through integration with renewals, billing, and marketing efforts based on customer activity (such as participation lists and event attendance, product purchase, etc.)
  • The ability to assign (and reassign) calls to sales representatives---manually or logically
  • A 360-degree view of a customer’s activity, which allows reps to better know their prospects’ interests and deal with service issues
  • Support for the sale through script and configurable information displays, enabling customer service issues to be identified and addressed during the call (adjust subscriptions, accept payments, etc.)
  • The ability to record orders of subscribed content, books or other products, conferences and events, etc.  You can adjust entry fields to your operations. Orders are recorded in the normal production order tables and available for processing as soon as entered
  • Both inbound and outbound calls with callback control
  • Detailed call outcome reporting and analysis