See how Advantage clients answer these questions:

  1. How would you describe Advantage?
  2. What is it like to work with AdvantageCS?
  3. What is your confidence level in AdvantageCS to adapt as you strategically plan?
  4. What is your favorite thing about Advantage?
  5. How has Advantage helped you grow your business?

What is your favorite thing about Advantage?

"The scope and breadth of the functionality. Advantage supports large parts of our business and we can almost always find a way to use it to do what we want to do. Through our user experience, and in talking to other Advantage clients, I am amazed by the multitude of ways that different people use different system modules and components.”

--Dominic Toasland, Product Manager, CDS Global (UK)

Users favorite things about Advantage

"It's easy to teach new employees Advantage. We can get a new employee up and running in 3 days on Advantage, while it took 2 weeks on our old system."

--Britta Kirstine Jorgensen, Head of Customer Service, Aller Media

"Definitely the people at AdvantageCS.  I have worked with other vendors implementing systems who didn't seem to care about the job or the quality of their work. I have learned that the most important thing about any vendor is their people. In my 17+ years of using Advantage and working with AdvantageCS, I am still impressed with the dedication and integrity of the people there. The quality of their work is important to them and I can trust them to work with me until I am fully satisfied."

--Mark Fung-a-fat, Director of Business Systems, Massachusetts Medical Society

"My favorite thing is the help section---it's great! And also, the tremendous flexibility of the system."

--Terri Cannon, Client Services Manager, Informa

"I'd have to say it's a tie between the ease of order entry scripts and being able to schedule and re-schedule job streams, which I use all the time. And overall, I really like the robustness of the core system."

--Dennis Biswell, Assistant IT Director, Ogden Publications

"I like how information stays if I have to move from subscriptions, for example, to something else---it's great not to have to look up the customer information again. And I like the flow of the tables; they flow from one to the next very well."

--Denise Spickler, Senior Customer Service Rep, Wolters Kluwer Health

"My favorite thing is the good support I have experienced from AdvantageCS. Whenever we have needed it, they've always been there with support and lots of helpful suggestions."

--Nancy Piscitello, Circulation Manager, Mary Ann Liebert

"I have so many favorite things but I guess the top one would have to be the AdvantageCS staff. I've been working with them for quite a few years and everyone has always been friendly and helpful."

--Joe Wixted, Manager, Fulfillment Systems, The American Medical Association

"I love all the different ways I can do promotions. Advantage offers so many possibilities!"

--Kirsten Wandall Ohlsen, CLM Data Manager, Aller Media

"My favorite thing is the support of BPA audit requirements. I don't have to worry about it; it's always there and it works."

--Randy Yi, Business Manager, American Association for the Advancement of Science

"No question about it---the people."

--Tim Swietek, Director of IT, Ogden Publications 

"My favorite thing is the reporting. I like the flexibility and the fact that I can modify my own stuff."

--Paul Aviles, Business Intelligence Manager, Mary Ann Liebert

"My favorite thing is AdvantageCS as a company; there are so many dedicated people."

--Klas Persson, Head of Marketing Systems, Business Technology, Egmont