We are forward thinkers…

in business to provide a software platform for our clients that enable them to deliver product, content and services that enhance peoples’ lives.

Our Vision of Success
To be the preferred partner for our clients through delivery of exceptional solutions and services, now and for many years to come.
Our Core Values

Innovation - our solutions and technologies evolve to meet the changing needs of our clients

Trust - we mean what we say and we do what's right for our clients

Reliability - we're responsive and dependable in our drive to serve our clients

Collaboration - we work with our clients as a team to address their needs

Why choose AdvantageCS?

To create a straight path to customer satisfaction---and do it for millions of customers---you must be both a problem solver and a futurist. You need to know what the current issues are and be forward-thinking to anticipate what is up ahead. Our team can help you find that path. We are optimizing our solutions every day so you can access the most efficient way forward.

We are committed to delivering the technical resources you need to satisfy your customers’ thirst for content wherever they are. Content that brings them knowledge, fun, skill, health, empowerment---in short, a better life. We have a strong history of doing just that.

In fact, AdvantageCS has been developing subscription management solutions for the information industry since 1979. The comprehensive functionality, adaptability, and scalability of our Advantage platform helps leading publishers, content distributors and membership organizations around the world manage their businesses more effectively in the present and be prepared for what’s next.

They rely on us for superior solutions, the expertise of our people and our dedication to true collaborative partnership. We want to make our clients happy for years and years and we'll do whatever it takes. We believe this attitude is the reason so many customers choose to stay with us for decades. Here are some of their reasons, in their own words.