Advantage delivers

With Advantage you will have the flexibility to sell product as one-shots, in continuity programs, as repeat orders, in book clubs and series or standing orders.

You’ll find that we provide powerful campaign and promotion management, affinity programs, detailed premium management and comprehensive billing options to help grow your business.

You can also offer flexible pricing and discounting, including freight cost calculations as you wish. And you will have access to our exceptional customer service resources, including upselling and cross-selling.

Our support for the recording and transmission of ONIX metadata, as well as extensive order processing capability, including pre-publication orders and pro-formas, is robust.

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Do you need solution sets for these functions? Advantage delivers

  • Product bundling
  • eCommerce and self-service solution
  • Flexibility in discounts, pricing, promotions
  • Continuity series, book subscriptions
  • Inventory management, costing
  • Distribution, backorder management, tracking
  • Royalties, commissions
  • ONIX
  • EDI with trading partners
  • Vast API, reporting and integration toolbox

Contact us to find out how we can deliver for your eBook and Book publications.

Advancing education with textbooks

Advantage clients include textbook publishers who make use of the pertinent features of our platform, including:

  • Adoption tracking
  • Preview orders
  • Sales rep commission management
  • Contract pricing
  • Royalty management

Strengthening Continuity Programs

Rounding out the book and product capabilities of Advantage are two full-featured and flexible continuity programs: Book Club and Standing Order. Book Club involves a series of products established at the outset, and customers receive the series in a particular order (though there is flexibility) regardless of when they join the series/club. Standing Order allows customers to receive products as they become available, so all customers in the program receive the same product at the same time. 

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Subscribe with Anything: How Advantage Fits Your Bussiness's Needs

In today's subscription-driven economy, every business's requirements for their subscription model are unique. Advantage offers a comprehensive subscription management platform that allows businesses to manage their operations with complete flexibility. Whether you're selling book-of-the-month club memberships, magazines, meal prep boxes, or virtually any other product, Advantage lets you tailor subscription terms to your unique offerings. 

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“Plus” features that deliver

Additional capabilities that you will have access to are inventory control and warehouse management, including shipment tracking; complete package/kit/bundling functionality; multi-currency support; sophisticated credit management and payment applications; extensive discounting structures, including volume and promotion discounts and assorting. We provide flexibility for varied corporate structures and business unit designations.